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1Care Development & Rehabilitation of Children
Rehabilitation, Formal Educative, Sponsorship Nutrition, Health Care-Educative, Curative and Preventive.
1Women Empowerment
Awareness Generation, Self help groups to encourage thrift, economic empowerment through vocational training and providing credit, Counselling and Legal Aid, Health Care, Educative, Prevention and Curative, Reproductive Health car, Integrated programme for the poor, oppressed, and unreached living in difficult circumstances, Fighting physical violenceís against women.
1Rural Health Community Development
Sensitising against exploitation, indiscrimination & social injustice to restore confidence and lost dignity, Social awareness against untouchability in all itís forms, Dowry, Sex-Determination, Female foeticide, Health care-preventive, Curative, Eye care, Sanitation & Hygiene, Better environment, Better shelter & Habitat, Social forestry, Dairying & Agriculture, Water management, Safe drinking water, Prohibition, Free Legal Aid to poor, Socio-economic rehabilitation of Sansi community and the like of better life and restoration of there human rights.
1Networking and Coordination
Resource-cum-training centre for training needs of sister NGO's, Seminars and workshops for exchange of information & experience.
1Research and Studies
Conducting field studies for social research and publication of Research and study reports.
Education and Child Development Programmes >>
Every child has the right to live and grow in a home, in an environment of love and security. Beside food and clothing, the child needs education, protection against disease and abuse and reorganization for his/her growth...

Projects >>
Better Environment >>

To preserve and enrich the environment in our project areas tree plantation and protection is undertaken as a sustained activity.

At the Bal Rashmi rural campus at Khedi a nursery is maintained to provide fruit, fodder, shade and firewood.

The trees provide soil conservation and protection to ecology and environment. Seedlings and saplings are distributed free during appropriate season. Camps are organized to generate awareness for planting and preservation of trees for better environment.

Trainings camps are organized in collaboration with the State Forest Department for rural people for raising nursery, transplantation and plant care.

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