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BAL RASHMI means the morning sun emerging above the horizon like the sparking eyes of a new born, radiating hope and cheer. Bal Rashmi was founded on Children’s Day the 14th November 1972 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, (India) with the motto of “Save Children Save Generation"

Bal Rashmi is an established (NGO) non-political and non-profit making voluntary organization involved in child and women empowerment, awareness, training and capacity building of rural community, better shelter, income generation, water harvesting activities and upliftment activities in the district of Jaipur, Dausa, Tonk and Sawai- Madhopur in Rajasthan.

Education and Child Development Programmes >>
Every child has the right to live and grow in a home, in an environment of love and security. Beside food and clothing, the child needs education, protection against disease and abuse and reorganization for his/her growth...

Awareness and Capacity Building of Rural Poor >>

It is our MISSION to relentlessly help the poor and the powerless develop the awareness, the confidence and the competence to help themselves.We VISUALISE a day when the people we train are willing and able to similarly help others in need of such help...

Income Generation Programme >>
Rising to the cause of the poor and needy Bal Rashmi has formulated and implemented various Income Generation Programs best suited to the needs of the targeted people in the project areas, especially the women and adolescent girls, to supplement their family income through vocations of their choice Requisite know how,...

Water Harvesting of Rainwater >>
Rajasthan faces drought conditions almost every year. The water availability during the summer becomes even more acute and critical. The water-table has been going down and therefore the wells and the ponds go dry during the summers. The women are worst sufferers due to shortage of water...

Camel Cart Library >>
camel cart library
Child Labourer >>

During 1999-2000 twenty-two children were freed from child labourer (Diggi moad Soda 10, Savon ka Bas 5 and Panchala village 7) and admitted into schools. Presently they are studying ...

Better Shelter >>

Families living below the poverty line in rural area have, in general, only a hutment for living which accommodates the family (usually 5-6 members and the family’s livestock that they breed for earning a living. This initiative of ours helps people to build a small regular house at very low cost...

Eyecare for Poor >>

Cataract and glaucoma are rampant ailments in Rajasthan and a major reason for the rampant blindness. Our rural hospital has been providing free of cost eyecare to poor people and thus engaged in a major fight against blindness...

Women Awareness >>

We at Bal Rashmi feel that it is our prime responsibility to work with and through the people who have been marginalized since time immemorial the oppressed, the exploited and the invisible “ones its time that they become visible. It’s our responsibility to support their endeavours to attain a life of dignity by becoming economically self reliant as well as socially and politically empowered...

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