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Founded on children’s day- 14th November- in 1972, duly registered under the law, some major concerns of the society: Relief, Welfare and Development of children, women and family at large who are poor, neglected, deprived and downtrodden and living in difficult circumstances (disadvantaged sections of the society) and community development, It had a humble beginning with Smt. Alice Garg inviting four children from the scavenger community to live with her family.

The foundation of the BRS Khedi Campus was laid by such great stalwarts like Gokul Bhal Bhatt and Bhal Subbn Rnoji with there own sweat and toil. It then grew up strongly over the past 26 years because of the relentless and dedicated efforts of Smt. Alice Garg. Bal Rashmi Society (BRS) is working in some urban slums of Jaipur and over 200 villages in Rajasthan. It runs a large number of Government’s programmes in these areas and is founded both by the state as well as the Central Governments. The major programmes and success achieved by it are mention below:

Empowerment of the child “Save Children Save Generation> has been the motto of BAL Rashmi. Formal primary and middle school level education of children from slums and villages who, but for the motivation efforts on the parts of BRS, may have never gone to any school. Five schools and six Balbadies (Kindergarten Schools) run. - Enrolment of girls as high as 40% achieved.

130 Orphans and destitute children cared for and educated in the BRS homes Nirashrit Bal Graha (DCH), Ashram School (Awasiya School), Bhavishya Nirman Kendra and Kilkari Shishu Graha (Foster Home). Besides providing good upkeep- far better than available in government run Homes or what is possible with the meagre grant given by it to BRS, special care is taken to install values essential to making of a good citizen. Young Children and infants rehabilitated into foster homes to be brought up in a family atmosphere.

The government has invariable brought its VIP guests and Delegations to show BRS Homes instead of taking them to its own homes why these visits are all on our record. RACHANALAYA
-a creative centre is run for the children in the campus. Visits to Zoo, Museums, Post office, Bank and Places of Public Dealing arranged. They were even the inspiration behind writing of the book-
Gandagl Ke Gulab (Roses from Slush). Government inspection teams, one after another, have lavished praise on BRS.

Even today the officers concerned privately convey their grief over the present mailing-BRS campaign. Functional literacy & continuing education The functional literacy programme emphasizes on that is reading, writing and numbers. Under post literacy programme each one; Teach One each neo-literate woman is given responsibility of making at least person.

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At ‘Karmsthali" our rural complex at Village Bhavsar Issarwala, Khedi we have a Resource cum training centre, Kilkari Shishu Graha, Amanat Destitute Children Home, Raunak Chhatrawas, Bhavishya Nirman Kendra- a job oriented training centre, one bed hospital etc.

In the slums of Jaipur city Bal Rashmi runs three primary and two middle school at Bassi, a 40 bed hospital at Lalgarh and 2 medical sub-centre and a mobile van duly equipped with requisite facilities. 2 mobile libraries on camel cart are available for 12 villages three vocational training centre for girls and 6 primary schools also function in the rural areas.

Methodology and Approach >>

We at Bal Rashmi feel that it is our prime responsibility to work with and through the people who have been marginalized since time immemorial the oppressed, the exploited and the invisible ones its time that they become visible.

It’s our responsibility to support their endeavors to attain a life of dignity by becoming economically self reliant as well as socially and politically empowered. Our approach is to involve the people in planning of the programmers, ensure their participate in development, decision making, implementation and evolution. We recruit our field staff from the area since they know the needs of the local and who, thus, can ensure their spontaneous responses. The local people specially the rural women, literate or non literate, having immense enthusiasm and the potential needed for achieving community soldierly and economic self reliance we also recruit trained staff for monitoring and supervision.

To efficiently implement our development programmes ’on the job?training is provided to the workers. In the addition Bal Rashmi provides them with the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, specialized training courses etc. organized by the Government, sister NGO's and other agencies to develop their professional skill.

Since we believe in the participatory style of working, our modus operandi is to attain optimum development benefits. We make sincere efforts according to our resources and circumstances.

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