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BAL RASHMI means the radiance and glow of the morning sun emerging above the horizon like the sparking eyes of an infant, curious, aspirant and full of hope and cheer. Bal Rashmi was founded on Children’s Day the 14th November 1972 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, (India) with the motto of “Save Children Save Generation".

Initially four children of the untouchable community of scavengers were provided a home with complete care including the care of their emotions and psychological needs. This home gradually flourished by having four to twenty to hundred and then to hundred eighty three poor, destitute, downtrodden and orphan children without any discrimination of caste and creed.

Our experience with the Destitute Children made us realize that until welfare and development of the family and community as a whole especially the empowerment of girl child and women was taken into consideration the children welfare will remain a distance dream. The integrative approach expanded the dimension of Bal Rashmi and programmes of varied nature were undertaken for promoting and strengthening of the community based development of the people of the area.

Bal Rashmi is an established (NGO) non-political and non-profit making voluntary organization involved in child and women empowerment, awareness, training and capacity building of rural community, better shelter, income generation, water harvesting activities and upliftment activities in the district of Jaipur, Dausa, Tonk and Sawai- Madhopur in Rajasthan. It is at present working in 138 villages covering a population of over one hundred thousand.

Movement For Women Empowerment >>
In our community, the work of women often remains invisible. Their work is considered "unproductive" despite the long hours they work for the family, both day and night, non stop for -365 days year after year. They ...

Women Awareness >>

We at Bal Rashmi feel that it is our prime responsibility to work with and through the people who have been marginalized since time immemorial the oppressed, the exploited and the invisible “ones its time that they become visible. It’s our responsibility to support their endeavours to attain a life of dignity by becoming economically self reliant as well as socially and politically empowered.

Our approach is to involve the people in planning of the programmers, ensure their participate in development, decision making, implementation and evolution. We recruit our field staff from the area since they know the needs of the local and who, thus, can ensure their spontaneous responses. The local people specially the rural women, literate or non literate, having immense enthusiasm...

Play Centres >>

The play centres are running in twelve villages identified and non-identified children play and have fun in these centres.

They play Carrom-Board, Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chinese-Checkers, Cricket, Puzzles and with Building Blocks. Large iron climbers have also been provided in five villages when the children climb up and down they are in joyful mood.

It also serves the purpose of a physical exercise. Sometimes children from neighboring villages also come to their village to enjoy the climber. They look very cheerful and full of life.

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